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Day On an Island

Made on Illustrator May 12, 2017
Girl Hat

Normal! I am having too much fun with flat design, and everything is starting to be more tame and normal, but I won't let that consume all of my work. Strange new stuff coming soon!

Crusing Down Malibu

Made on Illustrator, May 05, 2017
Men in Hats

Fun! The trend this Spring is Flat Design!

I have made a great discovery today! Not only is this my favorite work, but it has truly made an impact on how I actually have a creative side. I will not give up on my dream of this, and I shall move on and make a name out of myself as best as I can. More to come, every week.

A Soulful Sound

Made on Photoshop, April 28, 2017
Men in Hats

A Picture! I had to show one of my photos.

So, one of my friends said I was a good photographer. I still don't believe him, but youtell me what you think. This is one of my older pictures, but it is the only one I can look at and might think it is good.

Purple Meadow

Made on PhotoShop, April 21, 2017

Beautiful Escape! I had to take a week off. I have had a rough few weeks, and it has inabled me to use my blog. Pardon me, but during those rough times, I found some time to work on something that has made feel at peace. I thought it was my worst to show off, but maybe it'll bring you at peace like it did for me.

What A Family

Made on Illustrator, April 07, 2017

What A crazy thing! I made this family after inspiration of my own. There are minor differences, like the daughter has a smoking problem, and the mom is an alcoholic. Of course, my family isn't like that, but they do have some sort of addiction that made me put that. The skin is also brighter than it should be, so sorry for that part.

Earth Day At The Bay

Made on Illustrator, March 31, 2017

What A Contest! I was forced to enter a contest for my school for earth day, and my crazy mind created something so great as this. I reward myself by posting it here for the world to see and tell me what they think about it.

Moon Bread

Made on PhotoShop, March 24, 2017

My logo! Well, my own fanbase are so curious behind my logo for some reason. The real story behind my logo is this: I was bored and I wanted to experiment with some new brushes, and I came out with this, and it truly is my masterpiece.

First Project

Made on Illustrator, March 17, 2017

My First Project! Some of you have been asking me to show the first thing I have ever done, and I had to show it to you. It did not turn out as bad as you thought it would be, but this really started my career as a graphic designer. It really showed me that even the smallest of work can really make a difference in my personal life.

Andy Warhol For Breakfast

Made on PhotoShop, March 10, 2017

I'm Hungry I just watched the Men in Black 3 movie, and I thought I should make something Andy Warhol inspired artpiece, but I was also hungry for something for breakfast, and so I took a brush and made some Pop Art of a breafast sandwich. I regret nothing.

Burger Lord

Made on PhotoShop, March 03, 2017

ALL HAIL THE BURGER LORD I had to make something really strange to really give this website an edge. This is it.



Just me, myself and I, exploring the universe of uknownment. I am weird, and my work shows it. I have something new every week. Join my crazy, but fascinating journey through programs like Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects.

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