Welcome (☞⌐■_■)☞

Welcome to the best portfolio ever created. I know you're skeptical; wondering if it really is the best portfolio. Ok, so maybe it isn't the best, but who cares! I tried my best and I feel I did a pretty good job. I typed all of the code on this website; no copy and paste. I chose the color scheme--which is GREEN because green in the best. This website is, mostly, for a really good grade in Ms. Desimone's Web Design class, but also to show some of the really cool projects we experimented with in Web Design. So, sit back, relax and get ready to explore the amazing world of Web Design.

And me! (So egotistical! - Robert Hudson)

So I need to talk about myself...

Hi, I'm Derek Herrera-Diaz. I would post a pic of myself, but I don't have any good ones. Anyways, I'm a freshman in the Academy for Arts, Science, and Technology (AAST) and I am a student of Mrs. Desimone's Web Design class.

My pastimes...

I really like to play video games, especially Nintendo games just because I grew up with them. I like to play first-person shooters too. A while ago, Gabriel helped hack my 2DS so I could do a lot of cool stuff. Unfornately I broke the thing but I got a new one so we are good. I want a gaming PC, too, but those things can get expensive. I want to build one but that takes time, money, and patience which are three things I don't have at the time. I have fantasized many times of how I will build it or which one I will buy. I want to buy this one or build this one I designed myself.
I also run...and that's about it.