EllaMy name is Eleanor Neugebauer, but everyone calls me Ella-much easier than that long name, haha. I have loved all forms of art ever since I was little. As I have grown and learned over the years, I have not only gained knowledge in artistic skills, but found my true passions. I love physical art, but one of my greatest passions is music. There's so much to the word "art", but one thing it is in all forms is a message of meaning through emotion from the artist to the audience. I have branched out through various opportunities through school, church and friends to pursue my talents and passions.

Another one of my favorite things is people. I love meeting new people, making friends, learning about the life stories of others. This is one of the main reasons I love art; I can portray stories and emotions of others just through a photograph. The art of one photograph can affect people worldwide, that is something pretty cool.

In 2017 I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Paris with my mom. That experience was one I will never forget and it really gave me a whole new view of art and the beauty of another culture. I am hoping to be able to travel more in the future and share the wonders of the world through photos. Here are some of my favorite pictures from that trip and then some others from various times. Hopefully as I travel I will be able to create a personal gallery to show all the experiences of the world!

macaron; Paris Shakespeare and Co.; Paris Paris flowers; Paris edit image edit image

I love creating art that makes people smile. If you want any personalized art, check out my galleries and contact me if you have any unique ideas!