Conor Smith

The man behind the path of wandering

Starting at the age of six, Conor has always had an interest in design, creation, and art. With an artist of a father, and two siblings who would pave a path into such fields as digital design, he took a quick liking to the process of creating a piece, whether it be canvas or computer. It was in this base level hobby that he discovered the field of digital mediums, and with it came a passion of online artworks. His ambition did not begin to be satiated until the age of 16, as he entered into the Academy of Arts, Science, and Technology.

It was in this Academy that his passion met a proper teacher, and with it the tools to follow his dream. He began on the rocky path that was laid out before him. It took massive effort to get past issues of time managment and work ethic, however the effect came and soon Conor was providing works as fast as they arrived. Even with sleepless nights.

It is this level of hardwork and effort which has made the artworks created so worth the effort, and worth the time.


  1. Career Objective
    • Aspiring Design Artist with a Highschool Degree, rising to an Associates Degree with hopes of starting their own company/label to work under.
  2. Core Competencies
    • Customer Service
    • Detailed and Organized
    • Cost Efficient
  3. Professional Experience
    • Black Market Minerals:
    • Sales Associate, June 2016- Present
      1. Cleaning and stocking the store while working around customers without disrupting product flow.
      2. Managing work flow as is needed when crowds begin to form.
      3. Assisting and advising customers on what product they may be seeking or looking into buying.
      4. Organizing and taking stock of all products found in storage regions.
  4. Education
    • Academy for the Arts, Science and Techonology/ Myrtle Beach, SC
      1. High School Diploma with a Major Credit towards Digital Communication/ June 2018
      2. GPA. : 3.4/4.0
  5. Additional Skills
    • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Office
    • Proficient in Adobe Illustator, Powerpoint and DreamWeaver
    • Bilinigual in both Spanish and English
    • Highly capable at speaking, presenting or providing a friendly environment

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