The Road Signs

A Cautionary Tale

The biggest part of becoming an artist is dealing with the long span of time between the beginning of the concept, and the actual finished piece.

This challenge is what motivates artists to create more pieces, with differing styles, just so as to explore what can be done.


Artworks finished throughout the year

Photoshop: Logo Rough

Illustrator: Flight of the Soul

Photoshop: Destiny

Illustrator: Flight Remastered

Photoshop: Reinventing the Color wheel

Illustrator: Earth Day Poster

Photoshop: Logo Final

Illustrator: Cooper River Bridge Run Poster

Photoshop: Hot Sauce Label

Illustrator: Candy Bar Design


works done

Logo: Concept

An attempt at something larger

Made while I was still new to many of the programs provided, this work shows a conceptual design for what would later inspire my final logo piece.


A personal pursuit

After attaining further skills in the works assigned prior, I begant o test my own metal and decided to reform the landscape of an enitre mountain.

Artist logo

Creative platform

After thinking for long and hard on a new design for my logo, I settled on the thought of looking back at past works, and saw the concept above to harken back to.

Color Wheel Reimagined

Color is what we make of it

On many an occasion would we think that color is something of a privilege, when in reality it is what we make of it. What we percieve is so much more than that of the next person.

Fire House Hot sauce

A Project of Flavor

As one of the first projects to be worked on in the Major, this work taught the basic elements of design, and an eye catching flow.


works done

Flight of the Soul

A Jorurney we must all take

The soul is a fleeting aspect of the human form, yet it is integral for furthering our advancement in life, but there will come a time when it must leave. . .

Flight: Revisited

A thought sparked again

In a mostly finished work, I came back to the idea of Flight and the meaning behind the piece. This version includes more detailed wings and shall have a further trail.

Candy Bar design

A savoury treat

One of the first attempts at illustrator and the design behind it, this bar features many of the developing skills I now use as a signature.

Earth Day at the Bay

The First poster Contest

This work was inclusive into a local contest built to help rising students to gain recognition. The piece did not win anything, but it did gain some mild commentary.

Cooper River Bridge Run

A trip into White space

Using techniques from Flight and its remaster, I took the liberty of exploring white space and its affect on a pieces message and translation.

Wanderer's Road

The path worth the wear.