A red and blue logo featuring the Japanese Name Mitsuko.



Here is where I will stockpile examples of my work as I continue to create. Have a look around.

A digital painting of an angel holding a book. The main colors are brown, red, and gold, with golden highlights and purple shadows.

Down Under

This was a piece I did representing how it might feel for your voice to go unheard by adults due to age.

A digital painting of a woman with short red hair, who is smiling. She is pale, and the background is tan.


This was a simple drawing of a character my friend has created.

A digital painting of a pretty girl with blond hair smiling. The main color used in the picture is plum purple.

Ruby in the Rough

This was a simple protrait I did to test the waters of realism.

A digital painting of a light, grey-blue person with long hair on a blue background. Their hair is being pulled by a disembodied hand on the viewer's right. A hand on the top left of the painting is touching their forehead. A hand on the bottom right is on their shoulder. Two large chunks of glass float above them. They have tears in their eyes. There are bone shards floating by the hands, which all have bones jutting out of them.

Bone Shards and Glass

This was a piece I started after aimlessly doodling in class. I thought it looked nice and added colors, then continued going until it was a full-feldged piece. I aim to finish it, as I think it could use a few details, but it is one of my proudest works.

A digital painting of a golden woman holding an earth in her hands. She has a peacful expression, face tilted slightly upwards. Her eyes, which are outlined in blue and red, are shut. Her mouth is pulled upwards in a slight smile. Her lower body is encased in a clifface, which is surrounded by water. The water dashes against the clifface. She has curly light blue hair that looks light like clouds.

Base Art for a Poster

This was the piece I reused for a poster entry. Originally, it was a more emotional piece, featuring a less peaceful expression in favor for one more somber, with waterfalls flowing from her eyes. It was supposed to represent Mother Earth. However, I sort of revamped it for the poster competition, which had earth based themes. I might one day finish the original.